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CUSTOMER COMMENTS - Below are many of comments we have recieved from satisfied customers.


Here are many of the customer comments we have received about the Cheatsheets.


PATRICK MULLER Your product is great so far. I haven't made every drink yet but I'm working on it. I have an addition for future sheets.
High Priced Escort (shooter)
The same as a red headed slut but substitute Crown Royal for the Jager
1/3 Crown Royal
1/3 Peach Schnapps
1/3 Cranberry

RIAAN BEZUIDENHOUT The cheatsheet that i used is not for Business purposes, but for private use. I was browsing the internet for shooters recipes and i found your website. This sheet is brilliant and it shows just how easy it is to make a cocktail or a shooter. The only small problem i have is that i am in South Africa, and there are a few brands of alcohol that is very hard to find. So i am trying to mix it with more or less what i think will substitute the alcohol brand and it still works.

AMANDA SUTPHIN The sheet i received were a great help.  I don't have to worry now about other employees asking me what drinks are when i am busy.  And they can make them when i am not there.  I havent been mixing for very long either and its a great help for me when out-of-town visitors come by and ask for strange things. they are an asset to anybody whose got lots of employees and need to train too.

SHERRY ROUTHIER Hi Jon: I just wanted to let you know I was very pleased with this product. My son is building a bar and game room in his home and I purchased this and added a few sheets to clarify some of the items. I gave him this as a X-mas gift, put together in a binder. HE was really happy with this gift, as he doesn't have any knowledge of drink making. Thanks again for such a useful product.

JEREMY WASHBURN Gator's Dockside, FL I really like the format of the cheat sheets ...all in all it is a very useful tool.  We just updated a few of the recipes (20 or so) to match our demand and our guest's preferences.  
KATIE PERHAM Jon, I have been bartending for a while now...but I always get that random person who orders something that I have to look up, hence why I bought the cheat sheets.  They are a quick and easy reference.  Thank you for offering something that betters my drink making abilities!!!

EVILPETE HotZPizza/The Underground, Lancaster, PA The Cheatheet was a big hit. We have one copy posted where I bartend and we refer to it daily. I also run a local Happy Hour & Networking Club, and I bring a copy with me when we visit taverns. The Cheatsheat creates a fun atmosphere as customers try new drinks - and the bartenders/owners are happy as my guests are spending more money and staying longer in the client bars.

CHARLIE BROWN -I gave the Bartender's Cheatsheet as a 21st birthday gift and it was a big hit!

NATHAN TOMCZUK Waukesha, WI -I am quite pleased with the cheet sheets that I received. I am amazed that they had so many recipes.

COLIN THOMSON Lancashire, Great Britain - In a word FANTASTIC. Great product. First class.

DIANA OSPINA Miami Beach, FL - Thanks for taking care of everything, the lists are great and they're going to help me a lot in my job!! Thanks!! I would recommend u guys

MRS. C.W. CHINO Ah-So Restaurant, Yuma, AZ - I bought the deluxe download set as a professional tool for my sister-in-law, who is working seriously to become a high-class professional bartender. She recently worked at an Ah-So Restaurant, and as we are in Yuma, AZ, she saw a LOT of Marines. Thanks to the shooters cheatsheet, customers were soon asking for her by name. She has printed and laminated all of the cheatsheets, and keeps them in a binder with her at work. The recipes and picture instructions are so clear, she has no trouble with them printed at 1/2 size to save on paper and space :-)

TYLER POMPLUN - I find the cheat sheet quite handy. Has the most popular drinks and the not so common ones. I understand that with some of the drinks there are regional differences. Can't wait to order the Shooter cheat sheet as well. Good product. Thanks.

MICHAEL FAZIO Onancock, VA - Thanx! I've sealed the deal at a kick-ass night club, bartending w/ no experience, using nothing more than your sheets! I've been there now for a month & makin' bucks!
I'm forever thankful.

ALEX KARELIS Washington, D.C. - The bartender's cheatsheet is great. I use it daily. I might update a very few of the recipes and add a couple, but I can't think that changing it much is necessary. Thanks for a great product.

ELMELINDA DEL PONTE Brooklyn, NY - Loved Loved Loved the cheat sheet....It was a big hit at my New Years Party....When I was too Busy I had friends help out and they understood the cheat sheet. It was easy to use and easy to read. It had everything that was asked for and more!! Thank you so much for the GREAT help!!!

DOUG HUNT Claymont, DE - I went looking for a cheatsheet because I got back into the bartending game after a 10 year layoff. The new gig is at a very exclusive country club and the members would look unfavorably if I were to screw up their drinks. I was petrified that someone was going to ask me to make something that I hadn't made in 12 or 14 years and I'd draw a blank on the ingredients, the glass, the garnish, whatever. So I found you guys. Excellent stuff! I had a guide from the old days, but it was large and cumbersome and outdated. Your idea of all on one sheet with the symbols and keys for glass & garnish is brilliant. I've only needed to actually use it a couple of times, but knowing it's there available to me in a second is an enormous piece of mind. Thanks, and keep up the good work!!!

CHRISTINE GAUTHIER Prince Edward Island, Canada - Thank you, thank you! This is the best thing to ever hit the internet. My bosses were totally impressed. You make it easy for bartenders to make the drinks people want!

GABBY PREHM Arlin's Pub, Staten Island - The cheatcheat makes it a little easier and less embarassing. Instead of asking your customer how to make their own drink, just a quick peek and you get a better tip!

CHARLES TABONE Peter's Clamhouse, Island Park NY - - I literally have to hire body guards to protect my Cheatsheet... everyone there wants it... and it has every recipe... since starting to use the Cheatsheet, I no longer need to carry around the book... I also really like the fact that the Cheatsheet lies flat against the back counter of the bar... so when I do need something, no one realizes that I am actually looking it up... Keep it up...

THOMAS KRIEG Party Mates Catering, Chicago Area - It helps great! Thanks!

DAMON LEIBERT The Independent / Tir na nOg, Somerville MA - The 3dollar download (now called the Basic Bartender's Cheatsheet ) is a breaze to read. Worth the tips from three punters to serve three billion.

C.J. Brewmaster's Gate, Columbus OH - I usually pick a new shot/ drink each shift I work and try it out for the evening. The customer thinks, "Wow, what a bartender" and tips me big as I walk away lighting a match still in the book and fling it down the bar Cocktail style!

MICHAEL ELLIS Boondock's Food & Spirits, Seneca IL - I bought the bartender's cheat sheet, because being in heavy summer marine community, we had many customers coming in to the restaurant requesting drinks we had never heard of. We were in need of a quick, precise, and numerous drink recipes. The Cheat Sheet was exactly what we needed. My bartenders, including myself use it frequently and are happy with our purchase.

MARIE JAEGER Southway Pub, Kerrville TX I am very happy with the order. I worked at Southway Pub in Kerrville Texas at the time. I no longer work there but they still have and use the cheat sheet's. I take them with me everywhere I go. I am now in Managua Nicaragua and they have come in handy here also. Thank You.

VICKIE DUGGER Parkway Wine & Liquor, Chattanooga TN We have found the sheets very useful as a reference for our customers. We are a wine & liquor retailer and frequently have customers asking "Do you know what's in a . . . . . . ?" Your sheets are an easy, quick reference.

ROBERT DALTON, President, The Paddock Club Thank you for your cheatsheet...It did help me a lot and I did manage to make a large martini menu and also a shooter menu...Thanks again.

KEITH MOORE I do not own or work in a restaurant/bar at this time but many of my friends do. I ordered some for them and two for me with my past orders. I think your products are great but keeping up with the shooters seems like an impossible task. Those things change quickly. Other than that, a nice tool for everyone.

VIC YEPELLO Mission Lakes Country Club, Desert Hot Springs CA After a year, the cheat sheet is still in use. It has been a lifesaver on many occasions and will be for a long time to come. Very pleased with the product!

JOEL HALL, West Hartford CT I like it. Used it often in West Hartford, CT.

ILANA Dizengoff Cafe, Montreal Quebec Canada I was very happy with the product. It was exactly what I needed. I work for Dizengoff Cafe in Montreal Canada where I often bartend private parties. I am proud to say that I have not yet needed to fall back on the cheat sheet. Although I have bartended for 15 years, it is always good to have this product as a back-up just incase I get a request for a drink I have never made before. Thank you for following up with this product & hope my feedback helps in some way :-)) A satisfied customer, Ilana

KRIS SWEET It has been helpful and I continue to use it.

GREG BELTRANI It was excellent... and it saved my ass on more than one occasion. Keep up the good work.

ERIC WIGGINTON The writting was alittle small but considering the massive amout of info i think i was great.

TIM SHEEHAN The Blue Angus Cafe, Dracut MA The Cheatsheet has provided a great quick and easy "go-to" list for a refresher. Some of our less experienced bartendars have found that it is comprhensive and clear enough to figure out some of the odder drinnks ordered! Thanks so much.

CYNTHIA SMITH, Baltimore MD I loved my shooter cheatsheet!!

ELIZABETH ECKELS The cheatsheet was great! I haven't bartended in a while and needed a
quick lookup in case I forgot a few drinks. It was very helpful, thank you.

MARK KULAKOWSKI, Fuction Hall, Danvers MA I bartend at functions for a Fuction Hall in Danvers, MA. The cheatsheet is great. I use it every night as a reference. It is truly the greatest purchase a bartender can make. I purchased it and then had it laminated back to back so I don't spill on it. Thanks.

JIM LEWIS, Albequerque NM Thanks, the CheatSheet is fine.

MICKEY HORTON Great product, I am very happy. I have been making alot of new drinks.Thank you.

MICHELLE MOULUN Edmunton, ALBERTA CANADA I loved being the bartender at my party I actually invented a new martini if you want to add it I call it a metro monty it is one ounce banana liqueur, one ounce orange vodka and one ounce lime juice shake and serve. Thank you again for all the recopies and I will forward your website to those I know that need help.

ERIC LARSON Very helpful and easy to follow. Thanks so much.

CHRISTY BERKERY Hey the sheet is good..i think i remember it being a little dificult to download but that could have just been mu computer...overall good deal and very usefulANTHONY SEALY It is very good product. Very helpful

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